Quality of the Golden Essence Skincare Products and Ingredients

Statistics show women use 12 personal skincare products daily. Men use 6. This exposes the average adult to 126 unique chemical ingredients daily! Of the thousands of chemicals in our personal care products, only 11% are assessed for safety. Further, the assessments are usually done on one chemical independent of other chemicals, not in combination. They are generally also tested for short-term, not long-term, effects.

These chemicals clog our pores, do not allow our skin to breathe, cause irritations or rashes, convert to abnormal estrogen, continually stress our immune system, and pose a threat for potential absorption by and accumulation within our bodies. Given that the skin is the body’s largest organ, it is now more important than ever to read product labels and educate ourselves on skincare and body care product ingredients.

Federal laws in the U.S. have major loopholes with regards to ingredients used in the manufacturing of cosmetics and personal care products. Because of this, unfortunately, many manufacturers in the industry continue to ignore concerns about chemicals in these products and most every over-the-counter and physician-administered skin care products are preserved with toxic parabens. We demand that our products stand out above the rest and exclude 1,100 known toxic chemicals from our line. We are fortunate to have found the finest manufacturer to meet our rigid requirements and to continue to support "American made"!

Our GOLDEN ESSENCE™ skincare products manufacturer is ECOCERT® certified and a member of the leading organizations striving to make our cosmetics and personal care products safer. They utilize Green Chemistry and have extensive experience and knowledge of botanical technology, vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and other key components. In addition, they have in-depth knowledge of industry trends and new ingredient discoveries. Their quality control and quality assurance departments go beyond industry standards. They also invest in independent testing and provide dermatological testing to verify the integrity of their products.

GOLDEN ESSENCE™ is pleased to have the opportunity to work with such a superior manufacturer that enables us to offer you some of the finest USA-made skincare products on the market today!