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Ultimate HCG Diet Cookbook
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FREE Shipping on Continental USA orders of $49.95 or more The Ultimate HCG Diet Cookbook for the Revised Simeons’ HCG DietLooking for Delicious Ways to Make HCG Diet Meals? . . . Look no further! Forget the boring single servings of one food groups on the HCG Diet! We have been testing foods and food combinations on the HCG Diet since early 2007 and never before have these proven food revisions been made available to the public, until now! Not only do they allow you to eat additional foods,...

Pounds and Inches Manuscript E-book
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Dr Simeon's Diet Pounds and Inches Manuscript E-bookThis is the complete Pounds and Inches, A new Approach to Obesity Manuscript by ATW Simeons written in the 60s to help Doctors and lay people better understand the underlying concept of the Simeon's Diet and his work. A great reference to print and keep handy for multiple reads. Dr. Simeons' original manuscript is a must read for anyone interested in the his work.Provided as an e-book which enables you to read at your convenience on a smart...