Why Detox?

These toxins are stored in our tissues and cells and build up in our bodies over time. They can cause a whole slew of issues, including inflammation, chronic diseases, decreased immune function, decreased energy, lack of focus and mental clarity and skin disorders. The severity of the issues in part depends on the types and quantities of toxins that are allowed to build up inside our bodies. It stands to reason that cleansing our system of these toxins can have many beneficial health effects.

Dr. Oz explains excess fat 

Detox and Cleanse for Improved Intestinal Health

Our bodies are amazing biological machines. They are designed to cleanse and repair themselves naturally. The problem is that our bodies are regularly assaulted by so many toxins that it may be too difficult for them to keep up. Environmental pollution, carcinogenic chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, and industrial waste, to name a few, attack our bodies on a daily basis. Our eliminative organs, while amazingly efficient and good at their jobs, often simply cannot hold up to the amount of toxins our industrialized world has surrounded us with. This is why it is important to support them and give them a little extra help with a periodic detox and cleanse.

Natural body detox

There are many detox and cleanse products on the market. Some of them have ingredients that would require a PhD to understand. The best way to detox the body is through natural whole foods, herbs and botanicals. Our bodies were designed to detox and cleanse naturally and it is through natural foods and ingredients that we can best help them to accomplish the task.