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    RK Ultra Lean – The incredible Anti-Fat, Anti-Cellulite, Skin Tightening Body Lotion

    KEY ingredients: Raspberry Ketones, hCG, REGU®-Slim, Skinmimics®, Homeopathic drainage ingredients and homeopathic Growth Factors

    RK Ultra Lean® is a revolutionary, clinically formulated skin-firming body lotion designed to help reduce adipose tissue thickness and improve skin surface appearance. For use on belly fat, back fat, dimply legs, saggy upper arms and neck to help tighten, tone and diminish the appearance of cellulite and ‘orange-peel dimples’.

    Contains: full strength pure, natural Raspberry Ketone Powder to help break down fat; hCG to help support metabolism; 3% REGU®-Slim, a patented, unique, multi-active re-shaping and smoothing complex helps speed up the transport of fatty acids to the cell mitochondria to be decomposed (positive independent clinical results were obtained with only 2% of REGU®-Slim, however RK Ultra Lean contains 3% REGU®Slim.

    hCG is a natural substance comprised of 244 amino acids that help support the Hypothalamus. The Hypothalamus is located in the brain and often called the master commander of the body since it helps regulate metabolism, sleep, thirst, hormones and other many other body functions.

    REGU®-Slim helps prevent the accumulation of fat in adipocytes and stimulates the degradation of stored fat. RK Ultra Lean can be used with a low fat food plan and a sensible exercise program for rapid weight loss or as a stand-alone with the other Raspberry Ketone Products to fight fat and improve skincare appearance. Free of toxic paraben preservatives and synthetic fragrances (parfum), which have been linked to Breast Cancer. Never tested on animals.

    Skinmimics® is a patented ingredient that helps repair dry, damaged, mature epidermal layer. This is also included in our Oil Free Body Lotion and anti-aging Rejuva-180 face and neck moisturizer. A great healing ingredient.

    Homeopathic Drainage ingredients and Homeopathic Growth Factors: Homeopathics work at cellular level to support drainage of toxins released from fat and the daily metabolic process. The homeopathic growth factors and other homeopathic ingredients support increase cellular turnover and energy to renewed cells.

    • Homeopathic hCG
    • 3% Regu®-Slim (independent clinical results only used 2%)
    • Pure, Natural Raspberry Ketones
    • Carnitine and MORE!

    is a natural compound comprised of 244 amino acids known to positively affect the hypothalamus gland, which is the master gland that regulates many important organs and body functions, such as thirst, hunger, sleep and adipocytes. HCG is found in the liver, thyroid and other organs and “hcg-like” substances are found in many places in nature.

    REGU®-Slim is an easy-to-use, highly concentrated active that drastically reduces adipose tissue thickness to improve skin surface appearance. It functions by triggering lipolysis in human adipocytes while enhancing triglyceride hydrolysis. At the same time, it has been shown to accelerate free fatty acid oxidation in mitochondria. Recommended concentration: 0.5-2%. Successful in vivo tests used 2% REGU®-Slim however RK Ultra Lean contains 3%, which is even MORE THAN the maximum amount needed.

    Raspberry Ketone is the primary aromatic compound of red raspberries (Rubus Idaeus) and regulates Adiponectin, a hormone that causes the body to boost metabolism. In turn, the fat within cells gets broken up more effectively, helping the body burn fat faster and more efficiently. A decrease of Adiponectin in the body is thought to be one of the main reasons for obesity and other diseases and increased production of Adiponectin speeds up the body's metabolism and increases lipolysis (fat breakdown). A clinical study from 2004 showed that mice that were fed a high fat diet along with Raspberry Ketone literally melted fat, increased resting metabolism and lost fat with no change in their diet. The same results were not found in mice that were fed a high fat diet without the Raspberry Ketone. When formulating RK Ultra Lean, an extra kilo of raw pure raspberry ketone was added making it the highest concentration found in a product such as this.

    Also contains: Proprietary Blend of Bio Energetically Charged Water containing specific homeopathic ingredients designed to support cellular reproduction, better drainage of toxins, as well as homeopathic Flower Essences to support emotional issues people experience during dieting to lose weight.


    Shower, exfoliate skin and then towel dry. Apply RK Ultra Lean Advanced Formula Body Lotion sparingly to target areas, such as: abdomen; buttocks; back and front of thighs; upper arms and/or neck. Apply morning and evening.

    For optimal results: apply 2 times a day: morning and evening.

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    awesome stuff!

    this stuff really works. I started using it on my stomach and back of my legs and saw a big difference in about a week, so my mom started using it under her arms. They really are a little tighter and firmer... I am only worrying about my stomach and legs at this age, i guess i will be worrying about my arms some day too.. uggggg.

    Tempe, AZ


    I have only been using this less than a week and can already tell a difference.. WOW.. I am excited! I would NOT have tried this if there had not been such good reviews already. Try it maybe you will see a difference too.

    Erie PA

    Only 5 days and a difference already

    I cannot believe that I have been using this Rk Ultra Lean only 5 days and I think i see a difference already. I am not sure if it is the raspberry ketones or the regu-slim or the hcg in it, but I can definately tell a big differnce. My belly fat is going down and my legs are smoother. I first thought it might be my imagination, but it is not... so many gimmicks on the market, nice to see one that really works!

    Concord, NH

    This product WORKS!

    I have tried so many lotions and potions to help with my lumpy skin and I have only used this 3 days and I can already see a difference. Not sure if it is the raspberry ketone or the HCG, but something in it works.