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    X-3 Lean HCG Diet Spray is a refill and does not include the emailed directions, coaching nor support.

    SAVE $$ on the complete X-3 Lean HCG Diet Kit or the HCG Ultra Max Diet Kit

    The X-3 Lean HCG Diet Kit includes:

    • discount Kit pricing
    • the 29 page emailed direction booklet and
    • personal HCG Diet coaching support

    X3 Lean HCG Diet Spray is not designed to 'cause weight loss' by itself. It is for use as part of a comprehensive weight management program combined with diet, exercise and many of our other products while on the HCG Diet including the Detox Kit, Liquid Detox Drops, Super Min-Plex and others.

    To get the full benefits of the X-3 Lean HCG Diet Plan, be sure to use either the 7-Day Detox Kit or the complete 30-Day Detox Kit before starting and follow the recommended transition / maintenance products and plan after the HCG Diet.

    • When a complete HCG Diet Plan is used correctly: men lose an average of 20 - 30 lbs. a month and woman lose an average of 15 - 20 lbs. a month. Results are typical for most, but not guaranteed. Check with your medical doctor before starting any diet program and have realistic expectations about managing weight. There may be other factors contributing to problems that a diet program cannot help.

    How does X-3 Lean HCG Diet Spray differ from HCG Ultra Max Drops?

    1. Both start with the same ingredients
    2. X-3 Lean Spray is a spray vs HCG Ultra Max is drops
    3. X-3 Lean Spray contains the following 2 different HPUS ingredients:
    • Graphites: help people with excess hunger
    • Lycopodium Clavatum: supports liver, fights sweet and carbohydrate cravings and is good for people bothered by gassy foods, flatulence and stomach/abdominal pain

    X-3 Lean HCG Diet Spray contains 22 Homeopathic ingredients

    Active Homeopathic Ingredients:

    HCG: which is 244 specific amino acids that help support the hypothalamus gland and muscle repair;
    Multiple appetite suppressants listed in HPUS that have gone through a 'proving' for excessive obesity, ravenous canine like eating and hunger, sugar cravings, anxiety with palpitations, large bellies and tendency to grow fat, as well as for great appetite, ravenous hunger for sweets/starches and fatty foods, fatty liver, cellulite, eating to relieve stress, and for people who eating calms nerves;
    Blood sugar support - for both high and low;
    Fucus - sea kelp-high in iodine needed for synthesis of thyroid hormones;
    Garcinia – to fight strong appetite, helps boost metabolism and helps works as a mild laxative;
    Raspberry Ketones - to help balance Adiponectin, the hormone that supports metabolism;
    Potassium - to support electrolytes during dieting; and
    4 specific additional Amino acids that help detox waste and ammonia, transport fatty acids into cell mitochondria, help burn fat during exercise and help support muscle tissue integrity.
    3 specific Bach Flower Essences for emotional support: (definitions as described by Dr. Bach):

    • Larch – Gives one Confidence and helps counteract the anticipation of failure;
    • Mimulus – For treatment of known fears (such as not losing weight; fear of gaining it back) and increases courage; and
    • Walnut – Stabilizes during periods of transition, eases process of letting go and starting ‘anew’.

    Inactive Ingredients: Purified active water, 20% ethyl alcohol. Contains no starch, salt, preservatives, wheat, yeast or milk derivatives. Store in a cool dry place after opening. Free of toxic preservatives. NEVER tested on animals.

    Lasts approximately 4 weeks

    3 times a day: 5 FULL sprays under tongue / hold for 10 - 15 seconds and swallow.

    X-3 Lean is not designed to 'cause weight loss' by itself. It is for use in a comprehensive weight management program combined with diet, exercise and many of the other HCG Diet Plan products including 1 of the 2 detoxification kits, Liquid Detox Drops, Super Min-Plex and B-Max Lipotropic drops.

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