Citrus Body Wash and Exfoliating Gloves

When on the HCG Diet, many people complain of dry skin. What they don’t realize is as the body is rapidly releasing toxic fat, they need to support this fat removal through better circulation and skin exfoliation. The surface layers of dry or dead skin cells should be removed daily to support better detoxification through the skin. If the dead skin is allowed to continue to accumulate, it acts like a plug and decreases the body’s ability to release toxins. Daily exfoliation with the gloves and the Concentrated Citrus Body Wash is a fast and effective way to keep this accumulation from happening.

These textured shower mitts are so easy to use and designed to be used daily in your shower along with our Concentrated Citrus Body Wash to increase circulation and assist with better removal of stubborn fat and cellulite.


  1. While showering, put on exfoliating gloves.
  2. Add a nickel size amount of Concentrated Citrus Body Wash and rub hands together to activate.
  3. In a gentle ‘scrubbing’ motion, start with your feet and work your way up.
  4. This action is terrific to stimulate lymphatic flow and reduce the amount of dead surface skin.
  5. Don’t forget to gently exfoliate behind ears and on face. Avoid eye area.
  6. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy the invigorating, refreshing feeling!

For extra over all body protection, apply our Oil Free Body Lotion or the Cellulite Body Lotion Mixture.