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Dry Lymphatic Body Brush
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FREE Shipping on Continental USA orders of $49.95 or more Dry Lymphatic Body Brush Features: round bristle area for larger coverage one piece wooden designed handle notched hole and cord - hangs anywhere Benefits of dry body brushing. It helps: increase circulation and lymphatic fluid increase circulation and reduce upper dead skin layers skin appear tighter in order to fight premature aging muscles look more toned skin look younger aids in digestion easy, inexpensive and invigorating DO...

Portable Infrared Sauna
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FREE SHIPPING - Continental US Only*  Regular Size Fits Most People Accommodates a person up to about 6' and 220 lbs Includes FAR Infrared foot pad that helps increase negative ions and heat Portable and convenient Support for detoxification 30 minutes can burn up to 300 or more calories Size: 26" wide X 32" deep X 39" high Infrared Sauna Health Benefits Infrared saunas are a natural and healthy way to increase circulation, and detoxification through skin by sweating. Far...

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Far Infrared Sauna Belt Helps increase circulation, fight belly fat and cellulite Far Infrared sauna heat therapy can be very beneficial in increasing circulation which in turn can help burn belly fat, flush out toxins and target problematic fat and cellulite. Infrared sauna belts are different than 'heat belts' because the far infrared wavelengths from the belt penetrate up to 2 inches into fat to help target deep, abnormal body fat and can be especially helpful to reduce belly fat. The...

Liquid Detox Drops
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FREE Shipping on Continental USA orders of $49.95 or more Liquid Detox Drops TOTAL BODY DETOXIFICATION REMEDY Liquid Detox Drops provides homeopathic drainage of excretory pathways and tonification of organ systems. Supports overall detoxification Eliminates the need for multiple detox productsSafe for daily useHelps fight toxins stored in fat One of the most important factors to losing weight and promoting good health is effective detoxification of man-made chemicals. People often do not...

Super Min-Plex Tablets
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FREE Shipping on Continental USA orders of $49.95 or more Mineral Complex Minerals are an integral part of energy and detoxification. Super Min-Plex is a mineral complex including vitamin D, calcium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, potassium, boron, bromelain (digestive enzyme from pineapple), L-Glutamic acid and 72 naturally occurring trace minerals.A full spectrum of minerals and electrolytes is often needed in daily life...