Curb Emotional Eating and Fight Food Cravings

Two of the hardest parts of staying on any diet are curbing emotional eating and fighting food cravings.   When starting a diet, especially one that focuses on counting calories, people generally eat less food than they are used to.  We all know habits are hard to break, and eating habits are no exception.

Curb your appetite

People generally have cravings for many of the typically unhealthy foods. Stress seems to bring cravings on and emotional eating is a common diet breaker. When we are stressed or emotional, our bodies crave foods such as sweets, because they cause the release of pleasure-inducing chemicals in the brain. Eating these foods is a way to feel better temporarily, but also wrecks diets.

There are several ways to curb appetite and decrease emotional eating and food cravings. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Do not skip breakfast. Breakfast kick starts the metabolism and can prevent overeating as afternoon comes around.
  • Drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger.
  • Make sure to get at least a little exercise every day - which helps counteract mindless eating. Exercise also decreases stress, which is one of the causes of emotional eating.
  • Eat smaller meals and spread them out through the day. This helps keep the metabolism stoked and lessens the time between eating.

Support to fight food cravings

Many dieters not only have weight they need to lose, but are emotional eaters and have food cravings. These are very common issues for those on the Dr. Simeons hCG diet and other diets like weight watchers, etc. Many of our products can help give the body the support it needs to curb emotional eating and keep dieters on track towards their weight loss and/or weight management goals.