Carb Blocker Supplements for Weight Loss

Most of us at some point decide that it is time to shed those extra pounds that have crept up on us over the years. We start looking around at various diets and are not always happy with what we see on the menu.

Many popular diets today are low carb to various degrees. This can be a huge turn off for those of us who like starchy, high carb foods. The reason so many diets kick the carbs to the curb is because of what happens to those carbs once we have eaten them.  Adding a good carb blocker to our daily routine may help however.

What happens when we eat carbs?

When we eat carbs, they eventually get used as energy that the body needs to function. Our digestive process includes an enzyme called amylase. Amylase breaks down the complex carbohydrates into glucose.

Eating excessive amounts of carbs causes high glucose levels in the blood. When the body cannot use up all the glucose that has been produced, it stores the excess away in the fat cells. This cause us to gain a little too much extra padding around the mid section. Since the purpose of a diet is to decrease this extra padding, eating a diet that is high in carbs is counter productive.

Taking a carb blocker, however, can help to inhibit this process, and therefore cause less carbs to be broken down into glucose. These carbs are then flushed out of the body, no harm no foul. For this reason, a carb blocker can offer a little wiggle room in the amount of starches we allow into our daily diets.

Weight loss for carb junkies

We all love starchy foods of one kind or another. Our stressful lives actually drive us towards them. We have worked with many people on Dr Simeons hCG diet who are carb junkies like us. Because of this, we have formulated several products that can help to block carbs and keep on track with a diet.