Beth Golden, The HCG Diet Expert®

Beth Golden, PhD, ND, CNC

Beth Golden, PhD, ND has owned and operated a Wellness practice and Medi-Spa since 1999 and has worked exclusively since 2007 in clinical settings researching and documenting hCG in the reduction of abnormal fat and long term weight management. Her research has included numerous studies under the direction of medical staff with patients utilizing injectable and oral prescription hCG; multiple hCG homeopathic formulas and additional formulas incorporating the hormone Leptin.

In 2007, during her clinic research with HCG Dieters, she found that 40% of patients doing the original HCG Diet with prescription hCG, as developed by Dr. ATW Simeons, were hungry, experienced headaches and some couldn’t stick with the diet.  After adding supplements to help with mineral imbalances and underlying functional imbalances evidenced through saliva and blood tests, these symptoms virtually disappeared. Some 90% of men doing the HCG Diet in her clinic were Type II Diabetics and in very poor health with further risk of heart attacks. She feels that with Type II Diabetes and cancer being two of top health issues in the United States, a detoxification program can help.

Believing in Dr. Simeons' use of hCG for reducing abnormal fat better than dieting and exercise, Beth researched the use of the prescription hormone hCG with the addition of detoxification, nutritional, botanical and mineral supplementation for the HCG Dieter. After developing a HCG Diet 'system' in 2008, The System was released for research in 34 locations throughout the US and Canada in Health Care Facilities. Not only were doctors and other Health Care professionals able to follow Beth's HCG Diet System, but their patients experienced better immediate and long term results that with just hCG alone.

Hence the HCG Max Diet Plan was born as a weight management plan and includes 4 Phases.  Our website is filled with helpful information, including detoxification, health articles and additional products such as oil –free skincare and ample education and support. In order to access this information, complete the registration form and if you aren’t already connected with one of our trained, certified professionals, we’ll connect you to one of them too.