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    These high quality exfoliating gloves are made of long lasting material and contain a silver thread throughout the gloves for extra reinforcement to help retain their shape. Exfoliating dead dry skin daily is an important part of staying healthy and fit.

    The feeling of dry skin (especially on legs and arms) is often times from a lack of circulation or an accumulation of 'dead' surface skin. Removing this skin by gently exfoliating helps support better skin detoxification because if the dead skin is allowed to continue to accumulate, it acts like a plug and decreases the body’s ability to release toxins.

    Daily exfoliation in the shower with exfoliating gloves and Concentrated Citrus Body Wash is great way to reduce dead skin accumulation.

    For smoother feeling skin, finish by applying Oil-free Body Lotion with Skinmimics® and Raspberry Fruit Extract to clean dry skin.

    1. While showering, put on exfoliating gloves.
    2. Add a nickel size amount of Concentrated Citrus Body Wash and rub hands together to activate.
    3. In a gentle ‘scrubbing’ motion, start at the feet and work up the entire body.
    4. This action helps to stimulate lymphatic flow and reduce the amount of dead surface skin.
    5. Avoid sensitive body areas, as well as eye areas.
    6. Rinse thoroughly and gently pat dry with a clean, dry towel.
    7. For smoother feeling skin, finish by applying Oil-free Body Lotion with Skinmimics® and Raspberry Fruit Extract to clean dry skin.

    3 pairs of high quality exfoliating gloves.