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Offers a whole Body workout in only 10-12 minutes 

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ZAAZ 20K Whole Body Vibration Machine

With modern advancements in fitness, whole Body vibration machines offer the option to get a whole Body workout with less effort, and in less time than the traditional "gym-style" hour long workout. Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is a completely new way to address toning, metabolism and muscle strength in only 10-12 minute daily workout sessions. 

ZAAZ 20K has 99 unique speed adjustments and 8 pre-set programs. Why are so many speeds important? The more speeds the less transition between each speed for better control over the movement. Many on the market have only 20 speeds. To move from speed 1- 3 on an off brand, is comparable to a range of 10 - 40 on a ZAAZ 20K.

The ZAAZ 20K uses a DC motor - which is the highest quality available. Most WBV machines use a cheap AC motor, which does not last as long, provides a very rough, jerky plate movement and also exposes people to EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) when in use - the ZAAZ 20K DC motor does not do any of these.

The ZAAZ 20K also has a patent pending smooth motion plate that includes a sine wave - a linear S curved wave that allows the ZAAZ plate to glide with a smooth motion. Get on a ZAAZ 20K and you will never use another WBV brand.

A masterpiece of engineering, the 20K features a pulse reader, calorie counter, step counter and signature handlebar design. Not to be outdone in innovation or performance, the 20K automatically adjusts for varying weight loads (meaning the machine does not get bogged down with a heavier person - the plate moves exactly the same for a 97 lb person as it does for a 325 lb person).

ZAAZ 20K is also the only WBV that has a low enough speed that actually creates negative gravity when set on the #1 speed - it is low enough that is creates a vacuum and pumps the lymphatic system.

Have more questions? Give us a call and we'll be happy to help. 727-802-7635.

BEWARE OF G-FORCE CLAIMS: There are some WBV plates that are claiming 10 - 20 and MORE G-Forces with their machines as though MORE is BETTER. G-Force is the force experienced when leaving the Earth's gravity and anything OVER 8 would blow someone up! Those kind of claims will indicate how much they do or do not know about Whole Body Vibration and what they are selling.

The ZAAZ 20K Whole Body Vibration machine has a 30-day equipment return policy from the manufacturer. A 20% restocking fee applies to the return, except where prohibited by law. Return shipping fees are not refundable. The manufacturer also reserves the right to charge full retail price for any promotional items received in conjunction with the original sale. Your return will be processed promptly upon its arrival and all exchanges will be shipped via standard service. Processing and transit time for exchange packages is usually 5-7 business days from the time the exchange is received. No returns are permissible after 30 days from the date of delivery. Should you need to cancel your order before your machine is shipped a $100 fee is charged. Refunds on the set of 3 mats or extended warranty is not applicable.


With the ZAAZ Whole Body Vibration Machine, you will receive:

  • Resistance Bands
  • Poster of WBV Workout Positions
  • User Manual

General recommendations with Whole Body Vibration exercise is that it is generally safe to work up to using it 10 - 12 minutes every day. If used more than once a day, 4 hours or more of rest are recommended between times.

WARNING: While Whole Body Vibration is completely safe for most people, we strongly recommend you seek the advice of a physician before beginning any exercise program. In fact, to rule out any medical conditions that could potentially exist without your knowledge, it would be wise to schedule a physical exam regardless of your age if you haven’t had one recently. Practical experience and anecdotal evidence strongly suggest that many disorders respond well to the beneficial effects of integrating Whole Body Vibration into the patient’s treatment program. But, caution is nevertheless advised until the research currently underway to investigate these effects is complete.

If you have a known medical condition or any other physical limitation that could restrict your ability to exercise safely, we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a physician before trying Whole Body Vibration. If you are not cleared to perform strength and cardiovascular training or participate in recreational activities that absorb shock we do not recommend Whole Body Vibration. If you are pregnant, recovering from surgery, suffer from vertigo or inner-ear balance issues, have had a detached retina, or are prone to epileptic seizures we do not recommend Whole Body Vibration.

The following list of contraindications is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of some of the conditions that might make you a questionable candidate for Whole Body Vibration:

  • Pregnancy
  • Detached retina
  • Epilepsy
  • Vertigo and inner-ear issues
  • Recent surgeries and fresh (surgical) wounds
  • Recent implants
  • Active cancer
  • Acute migraine
  • Acute/severe inflammations and infections
  • Tumors
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Severe diabetes
  • Gallstones, kidney stones, bladder stones
  • Acute/deep vein thrombosis

DISCLAIMER: When purchasing and using the ZAAZ 20K, you acknowledge that you assume full liability for your usage and results.  You acknowledge that COMPANY has made no guarantees about results of the ZAAZ 20K and you agree to hold harmless the HCG Diet Plan, its parent company, their associates and affiliates, as well as the manufacturer, for any adverse affects or events you might experience.

Total weight: approximately 100lbs / shipped in 2 boxes

You will receive:

  • ZAAZ 20K Whole Body Vibration Machine
  • Resistance Bands
  • Poster of WBV Workout Positions
  • User Manual

Plate Surface: 20.8 in x 14.5 in
Speed Range: 1-99
Time Setting: Up to 12 minutes
Programs: 8 pre-set programs
Amplitude: 1-10 mm
Handle Bars: Side mounted for easy grip and balance support
Maximum Load: 330 lbs
Height: 53.9 in
Machine Weight: 48kg
Total Footprint: 28.3 in x 24.4 in


If your machine does not operate properly and is purchased from an authorized dealer of ZAAZ equipment, the manufacturer will repair or replace your machine at no charge, under the following terms:

Standard warranty 2 years on motor, 1 year parts, 1 year labor

Lifetime Warranty: motor, parts and labor repairs for the life of the machine.

In the course of repair or replacement of your machine we may recommend how to prevent a problem from reoccurring. ZAAZ reserves the right to withdraw the warranty if these recommendations are not followed. This warranty is exclusive and is in lieu of all other warranties whether written, oral or implied. ZAAZ’s liability in all cases is limited to the replacement price of the machine and ZAAZ will not be liable for any other damages, whether indirect, consequential, or incidental arising from the sale or use of the product. ZAAZ machines are for domestic use only. Use of this machine for commercial use without prior written consent is prohibited. Receipt of purchase must be provided to receive service under warranty. This warranty is non-transferable.