Cellulite and Good Circulation

Ideally, blood vessels should be clean and in good working condition. Lifestyle changes are very important for long-standing prevention.

Avoid prolonged periods of sitting or standing. By standing (continuously for hours), you can exert more than ten times the pressure on the leg veins. Take frequent breaks and change your posture as much as possible throughout your working routine.

To better understand how poor circulation is related to cellulite, you must realize that fluid is trapped in between fat cells giving the “cottage cheese” appearance to the skin’s surface. The fluid gets trapped and stimulation in specific areas, as well as whole body exercises, that result in better circulation, are needed to release it.

Examples of methods to stimulate circulation are dry body brushing, the use of loofahs, massage, hydrotherapy and body scrubs.

Daily Dry Body Brushing should be done at least 2 times a day, along with Infrared Sauna treatments to increase circulation in the deep fat. The body brush we carry is made of all natural boar bristles with the exact firmness for correct dry body brushing. The head and handle are made of natural wood and are all one piece. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. Click here to learn more about our high quality dry body brush.

Cellulite is also a result of poor elimination. The body is not removing the toxins and fluids that are being stored in this tissue. Often women who experience this condition also suffer from constipation, inadequate fluid hydration and general state of toxicity. There is a subtle poisoning of the body’s tissues taking place, a result of months and years of poor diet choices being made.

Increasing deep circulation with Infrared Sauna treatments, along with regular liver flushes, can be extremely beneficial for many. Our bodies simply cannot handle the doses of chemical-laden preservatives, additives and colorants we are forcing upon them daily. The body has no easy way of eliminating many of these synthetic chemicals. To detoxify is the only way out.