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On Sale Now / Only $154.95 / Detoxification Kit

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You can use our Detoxification Kit as a stand-along program or before, during or after a Diet. Use it anytime for that matter! You will most likely notice a difference in energy level within days and feel younger, more energetic and better than you have in years. This kit is custom designed and based on proven treatments we offered in our Center for 3 years and then again with HCG Dieters since 2007.

Kit also includes a FREE Complete Guideline booklet full of information, recommendations and tips.

The extra advantage of using the kit along with an Infrared Sauna is it can help you burn up to 600 calories in a 1/2 hour and you do not have to do anything except sit in it and drink plenty of water containing your detox drops! Oh yes, be sure to dry body brush for about 5 minutes before you use your infrared sauna to to increase circulation before you start.

You'll love the way our kit and a sauna make you feel because any 'cleanse' that makes you feel tired, worn out, gives you head-aches or lots of trips to the bathroom, is not a good cleanse. A good cleanse program should help you feel better, not worse.



The HCG Diet Diet kit is designed to detox at a cellular level, increase circulation, reduce fat and cellulite

The kit also contains extra items to support lymphatic drainage and effective removal of toxins.

  • Complete Detox Guideline Booklet
  • Custom designed dry body brush to support lymphatic drainage
  • Exfoliating gloves to remove dead surface skin for a smoother touch
  • Concentrated Citrus Body Wash with Essential oils to help lymphatic drainage
  • Liquid Detox Drops
  • Intesti-Plex Plus
  • Super Min Plex

Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:

Feeling Great !

Let me tell you if you have ever done any detoxing you have to love this kit.I ahve done some wierd things to detox but this is mild / simple and you notice in a short time I had more energy .Not to mention I was sleeping better.



I thought a 'cleanse' or detox was just a bottle of pills that made you go to the bathroom. I have looked on the internet for a long time to try to find a 'plan' or something that works and I finally found someone who really knows what it is. I have more energy and just feel lighter all over. Book that comes with this kit is great. Easy to read and has good explanations. I also got the infrared sauna and am still using that too.


Detox is the way to go!

There are so many websites out there that offer different products, but never list the ingredients or a phone number to call someone. Until I found your website and Wow what a difference your website has everything and more. If I have questions, I can call and speak to a certified coach and get the information that I need. I did not know that it is important to detox your body before you start the diet, which is an important key for me. It has helped my body prepare itself for the diet and has also made my body feel wonderful and free of toxins. I have already lost some weight and I am ready to start the next stage to a new life. Thanks.

Amhurst, NY

Wanna feel great !!

Let's say I did not know where to start regarding a diet or how important that it was to detox before you diet, Until I went onto your website. And WOW was I shocked to learn that your website offer's everything! If I am going to diet for my first time I want to do it right. I have read a lot of information and have also called your office to get the best advice and your staff has been the best help with their knowledge and understanding, you can't get that everywhere. So with that I am starting with this kit and will make the steps as your site explained. Thank's

Sheridan, Wyoming

Never knew how good I could feel

  • feel great
  • easy
  • booklet has a lot of good info in it
  • nothing
I've heard people talk about doing a detoxification program, but I had no idea how to do one, or actually what it was. I've tried some detox pills and teas from the health food store, but all I did was go to the bath room a lot. This detox kit looked pretty interesting and said it came with instructions, plus it looked very different than anything I had ever seen, so I decided to get it. Pretty cool! The booklet that comes with it has a lot of great information in it about how we detox and why the kit has the things in it that it does. I am almost done with the 4 weeks that it covers and cannot believe how good I feel. Guess they know what they were doing when they put this together. I'm going to get a refil and stay on it!